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Our Story

Our interest in this company started as we were searching for ways of making our land a little more productive and pleasing to the eye. We live on an old sandstone quarry in 5 acres of a 50 years old ‘predominantly fir’ forest. From the onset, 5 years ago, when we purchased our land, we felt that a Garry Oak ecosystem would be interesting to grow, and we have since been working on the project. However we then learned about the principles of permaculture and discovered the 5th World team.

What really sold their team was their focus not on looking back at nature as it was, but as nature as it could be: thriving with ongoing vitality; doing things in order like looking at the land, how much water does the land get, where does the water go, is there any soil, flora, fauna, fungi?

So we’ll see. We’ve signed their contract. We’ll keep this blog updated every six months.

5th World Projects

What is regenerative Agriculture?
What is regenerative Agriculture?
Passive Solar Greenhouse
5th World’s passive solar greenhouse
Doubling your water harvest
Double your water harvest

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